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The Sea Trap

by Micah | Homeschool | Abilene, Texas

Arrrgh, matey!  Step aboard this pirate ship for an adventure on the high-seas!

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Wake Up Sun

by Nzingha | Latin Academy Charter School | Atlanta, Georgia

Oh, no!  The Sun has stopped rising!  Watch how the people of this town handle a very difficult situation.

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Man Climbing the Apple Tree

by Isaac | Pleasant Valley Elementary | Altoona, Pennsylvania

A man gets stuck in a tree while trying to pick an apple!  How do you think he’ll get down?

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The Cowboy and the Moon

by Grace | Harrington Elementary | Lexington, Massachusetts

Giddyup for this wild western about a young cowboy who learns quite a bit from his new lunar friend.

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Banana Man

by Kassidy | Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School | Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Will Apple Man and Apple Woman be able to stop the villainous Banana Man? Find out in this story narrated by a tropical banana plant.

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Peter Pig: The Mystery of the Missing Hat

by Raven | Rigler Elementary | Portland, Oregon

Oh no! When a fashionable feline loses his prized top hat, do you think he’ll be able to find it? Join Peter Pig as we track down the top hat in this mystery story!

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The Monkey, Bear and Horse

by Kaya | Arroyo del Oso Elementary | Albuquerque, New Mexico

Can three friends with different goals figure out a way to make everybody happy?

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The Talking Animals

by Lily | Walbridge Elementary | Toledo, Ohio

Watch as two bird friends act out a young author’s story.

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The Broken Penguin

by Greta | Lincoln Elementary | Fargo, North Dakota

Reese Cycle and his sister Water are having an argument, but find a way to get along after reading this young author’s story.

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A Family of Unicorns

by Magaly | Tonti Elementary | Chicago, Illinois

A sneezing squirrel can’t shake his cold and calls his friend Unicorn. She helps him feel better by sharing this fantastical story! Listen along and be sure to check out Magaly’s detailed drawings, too!

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Animals & Objects Environment: Go Green Friendship Persuasive Writing

A World Apart

Action/Adventure Animals & Objects

The Hedgehog and the Hare

SegmentStory Theatre

The Alien Who Wanted a Pet

Take a journey to another planet and meet an alien who is looking for a pet to be his companion.

SegmentPoet Tree
Animals & Objects Environment: Go Green Poems

Poet Tree: Winter Haiku

Do you like to write poems?  Learn all about the special kind of poetry called haiku!

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Friendship School

The Hare and the Horse

Being bullied is not fun at all and can be very difficult to deal with.  This story shows how Hare handles the situation when he is being picked on by a horse.

SegmentRhythm and Writing
Animals & Objects Folktales & Fairy Tales Friendship

The Nerd Word

Join a horse and a rapping dog as their adventure leads them to a royal castle in this young author’s energetic and imaginative story!