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Chase and the Mysterious Planet

by Suzie | Mossy Oaks Elementary | Beaufort, South Carolina

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut or travel to outer space?  Hop aboard this spaceship and go along for a ride to a very mysterious planet where you’ll meet a cyclops cow and cyclops bear – all in … MORE

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The Fire Extinguisher

by Maya | Frances Mack Intermediate School | Gaston, South Carolina

Meet a fire extinguisher who gets a confidence boost when he saves the day!

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by Vincent | Grantsburg Elementary | Grantsburg, Wisconsin

Rival gnomes argue over which of their colors are better.  Will they eventually be able to find the value in each other?

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The Adventures of Lola the Guinea Pig

by Elise | Seach Primary School | Weymouth, Massachusetts

In this adventurous friendship story, a pirate guinea pig helps a sea monster be nice.

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The Three Little Birds

by Abel | Chandler View Elementary | Omaha, Nebraska

Three little birds have their nests attacked by a big, mean cat.  Which of their homes do you think will be able to survive the feline frenzy?

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The Surprise Party for Judy the Skunk

by Damani | Scranton Elementary | Cleveland, Ohio

See what special surprise Judy’s friends have in store to celebrate her birthday!

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The Pig Who Can’t Sing

by Nick | Kuemper Catholic School | Carroll, Iowa

In this story, a pig named Shirley learns to believe in himself.  Surely, that is a lesson worth learning.

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A Spider with Shoes!

by Mayson | Cedar Crest Intermediate School | Huntingburg, Indiana

While on his way to a basketball game, the spider in this story realizes that he forgot to put on shoes!  Do you think he’ll be able to find shoes and get to the game on time?

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The Penguin, the Turtle, the Walrus, and the Greedy Polar Bear

by Chaz | Beth Eden Baptist School | Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Brrr!  Watch this arctic tale about sharing!

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The Sea Trap

by Micah | Homeschool | Abilene, Texas

Arrrgh, matey!  Step aboard this pirate ship for an adventure on the high-seas!

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Egg on the Go An incredible egg gets runny to avoid becoming breakfast. His adventurous escape will crack you up!
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The Selfish Lion King’s Feast Meet a lion who discovers that even the King of the Jungle has an important lesson to learn about ... MORE
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Emmie the Gingerbread Girl and Friends A gingerbread girl gets a cast made out of frosting when she visits the doctor.
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The Lost Toys A group of animal friends are on the hunt for their missing toys.  Where do you think they’ll finally ... MORE

Goodbye From Green Screen Adventures

Listen to this important message from Jess, Kierra and Scott, cast members of Green Screen Adventures.  After eight years and more than 400 episodes, we will no longer create new shows, but hope that you will continue to watch and read stories on our website,, and tune in to episodes on MeTV and WCIU.

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Friendship

The Mean Dog

In this young author’s story, a dog tries to understand why a bully is acting the way he is.

SegmentSpinning Tales
Fantasy Friendship


Marshmallow caves and strawberry jelly ponds!  You won’t believe what Whipple the wizard finds on his journey for friendship!

SegmentRhythm and Writing
Animals & Objects Folktales & Fairy Tales Humor

“Home on the Range” Music Video