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The Bear’s Soup

by Lacey | Fountain City Elementary | Knoxville, Tennessee

A little bear wants to surprise his mom with a very special treat for her birthday!

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The Mean Giraffe

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A Spider with Shoes!

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The Lonely Dragon

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Plagiarism Penguin and Polar Bear

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The Pig Who Can’t Sing

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The Ant Who Was More Clever Than the Fox

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Bubba and Willy

When Bubba has been acting selfish, his friend Willy decides to let him know how it makes him feel.  How do you think Bubba will react?

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Action/Adventure Animals & Objects

Land Shark

Meet a shark who dreams of walking on land.  Do you think he will achieve his ambitious goal?

Action/Adventure Animals & Objects Friendship

The Wolf and the Chicken

Animals & Objects Family

Peaches is Not Food

Peaches the Cat is often teased because of her name.  Discover an unlikely friend who stops the bullying.