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The Turtle and the Beaver

by Maria | Wood Road Elementary | Ballston Spa, New York

In this pourquoi tale, we see one young author’s explanation of how turtles got their shells and beavers got their brown fur!

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The Penguin, the Turtle, the Walrus, and the Greedy Polar Bear

by Chaz | Beth Eden Baptist School | Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Brrr!  Watch this arctic tale about sharing!

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The T.Rex and What he Eats

by Matt | Richmond Christian School | Chesterfield, Virginia

If you like dinosaurs, then this is the story for you!  Join us as we encounter a prehistoric beast and learn that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

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2014 Daytime Emmy® Award Nominations

by Green Screen Adventures

We’ve got breaking News from Green Screen Adventures’ eco-friendly characters, Reese Cycle, and his Sister, Water Cycle.

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Mouse and Elephant

by Julia | Russell Elementary | Missoula, Montana

Ahchoo!  Elephant does his best to take care of his sick mouse buddy.

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The Sea Trap

by Micah | Homeschool | Abilene, Texas

Arrrgh, matey!  Step aboard this pirate ship for an adventure on the high-seas!

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Wake Up Sun

by Nzingha | Latin Academy Charter School | Atlanta, Georgia

Oh, no!  The Sun has stopped rising!  Watch how the people of this town handle a very difficult situation.

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Man Climbing the Apple Tree

by Isaac | Pleasant Valley Elementary | Altoona, Pennsylvania

A man gets stuck in a tree while trying to pick an apple!  How do you think he’ll get down?

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The Cowboy and the Moon

by Grace | Harrington Elementary | Lexington, Massachusetts

Giddyup for this wild western about a young cowboy who learns quite a bit from his new lunar friend.

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Banana Man

by Kassidy | Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School | Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Will Apple Man and Apple Woman be able to stop the villainous Banana Man? Find out in this story narrated by a tropical banana plant.

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Emmie the Gingerbread Girl and Friends A gingerbread girl gets a cast made out of frosting when she visits the doctor.
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