How to Submit

Thank you for visiting!  We’re thrilled that you’d like to submit a story!  Your work may be featured on the Web or even on TV!

Below are a few ways you can send your work in.  And here is a link to our parent release form.  Please know that we cannot feature stories on the Web or TV without a signed form.


Click the “Write a Story” link at the top of this page.  There you can type in your story and create illustrations.  You can also upload your writing or a drawing you’ve created at home or school (please no clipart or copyrighted images).  When you’re done working on your story, click SAVE IT.  If you want to edit your story later, you can keep it in the IN PROGRESS folder and finish it at another time.  When you have edited your story and completed your illustrations, Click SUBMIT to send it to us!  Please note that once you click submit, you can’t make any changes to your story.


Send your work and parent release form to:
Green Screen Adventures
26 N. Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60661


Send your work and parent release form to:
(312) 660-8369
Please Note: If your story has illustrations, we must receive an electronic scan of the originals or the original illustration/drawings in the mail. We will not be able to broadcast any facsimiles of drawings.


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Stories come to life in STORY THEATRE.
Reports – on science, history, or literature – become lively BRAIN GAMES.
Persuasive writing – debates and essays – are featured on PUPILS’ COURT.
Recipes and information about nutrition are shared by FOOD FOLKS puppets.
Short stories or essays become breaking news on NEWSFLASH.
Drawings or story illustrations appear in our art gallery – BEYOND WORDS
Poems appear on POET TREE or are adapted into song on RHYTHM AND WRITING.
Mysteries unravel on DETECTIVE McMYSTERY.
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Ecology reports are featured on GO GREEN.