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The Book of Water

Reese and Water Cycle read one young author’s report about why water is so important to the world.

Myles and the Giant, Blue Ladybugs

Once upon a time in a small village, there was a brave knight named Myles who wanted to travel to new places, but the king kept saying, “No!” You see, the king loved Myles very much, and he didn’t want anything to happen to him.

One bright day, Myles the knight tried to get past the gate of the village to explore the land beyond, but the guard kept stopping him. He tried to climb over the gate, he tried to go under the gate, and he even tried to squeeze through the gate, but the guard turned him away and sent him to his room.

“Now you know, young one, the King doesn’t want you to leave this land.”

“But I’m Myles the brave knight! I saved Mrs. Lupees’s dog from falling down the well. I saved Little Nick from drowning in the pond! I’m brave!”

“I know, Myles, but I have orders from the King. No leaving the village!”



On the next day, Myles had an idea. “When the guard is asleep tonight, I will take the key off the hook and make my escape.” And that is what he did.

The guard came the next morning and noticed the key was gone. He went to King Benjamin and Queen Azaria to tell them the news.

“What?!” said King Benjamin, “Send out the scouts and check every cabin. ESPECIALLY MYLES’S!”

In the meantime, Myles was on his adventure. He saw a giant hole and walked near it. He fell down into the big, dark, deep hole. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!!”  He landed in mud. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw 1,560 giant, blue ladybugs. The giant blue ladybugs were looking at their queen. The queen’s name was Queen Aaliyah. She was pink.

One giant, blue ladybug saw Myles and squeaked really loud to warn the others. Myles covered his ears. He told the ladybugs to be silent. “I’m no harm.” The ladybugs trusted Myles and they became friends. He had 1,560 new friends. Myles taught them to play tag and hide-and-seek. They had a blast!

Meanwhile, back at the village, it was getting late, and the scouts were still looking for the key.

Myles had no idea it was getting late. He knew he had to be home by bedtime. His watch said 8:20 pm and he had to be in bed by 8:30 pm. He said goodbye to all his ladybug friends and headed home. He put the key back and was in bed on time.

Later, the guard was shocked when he saw the key back in its place. He rushed to King Benjamin and Queen Azaria. “I’m sorry. I must have been mistaken. The key is in its usual place. I’m sorry for troubling you.”

The next day, while the guard was on break, Myles managed to get the key again and went off to see the ladybugs. It was a good thing too, because he heard rumbling noises heading to ladybug town. Robots with weapons were marching and chanting, “Yum yum ladybugs… Giant, blue ladybugs. Yum yum ladybugs… Giant, blue ladybugs.”

“Oh no! Those robots want to eat my friends,” Myles thought. “I’m Myles the brave knight. I’m gonna save my friends.”

Myles ran as fast as he could to the robot generator, snatched one of the robot’s weapons, and smashed the generator to pieces. All the robots shut down. All their weapons were destroyed. Myles had saved the day. He saved his ladybug friends from being eaten. The giant, blue ladybugs were so grateful. “Our brave little knight!” Queen Aaliya named him. They celebrated and made him a feast of different fruits and nuts.

When Myles got back to his village, he put the key back without being caught and ran to the king and queen to tell them about his adventure, but they didn’t believe him.

“It did, it really did happen!”

“Ok, Myles. That’s enough. It’s time for bed,” said Queen Azaria.

Myles went to bed sad that night because no one believed him, but he was also happy because he really did save the day. He’s now the brave knight of TWO villages!


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