SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Friendship School

The Gorilla Who Was Picked On

When a lonely Gorilla sees the new kid at school being picked on, he decides to stand up for him and makes a new friend in the process.

SegmentStory Theatre
Action/Adventure Science-Fiction

Chase and the Mysterious Planet

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut or travel to outer space?  Hop aboard this spaceship and go along for a ride to a very mysterious planet where you’ll meet a cyclops cow and cyclops bear – all in this young author’s imaginative story.

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Friendship

You Can Always Find a Friend

Sam the Ant has a hard time making friends until he meets a colorful new character in this young author’s story.

SegmentSpinning Tales
Animals & Objects Fantasy

Dave the Bear and the Dragon