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This is My Book Report for “Heidi”

Kierra shares this fifth-grade author’s intelligent response to Johanna Spyri’s classic novel, “Heidi.”

Nonfiction - Reports

I Am a Kid

Being a kid isn’t always fun and games. This young author writes about all the joys, insecurities, wonders, and curiosity of childhood in this eloquent poem.

Environment: Go Green

Don’t Be a Litterbug

You won’t believe what happens to this young boy when he litters! Hopefully he’ll “grow” from the experience.

Daytime Emmy® Award – National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recognizes excellence in television with the coveted Emmy® Award. GSA ensemble members Jessica Honor Carleton and Scott Gryder accepted the award for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup. Carleton also serves as the program’s Senior Writer and Puppet Designer.

“It is an honor to be recognized for our work; we are very passionate about our mission to further literacy and thrilled to receive this award,’ said Gail Sikevitz, Weigel Broadcasting Co.’s Director of Educational Programming.

Norman H. Shapiro, President of Weigel added, “The program has several goals, but most importantly to make a difference. We believe encouraging writing and literacy among grammar school students makes a difference in their lives. With Green Screen Adventures, teachers have an additional means to inspire writing and promote a sense of pride. Imagine what it means to a child to write a story…and then see that story performed on television. Just imagine. For some it means dreams can come true.”

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