I am super ecstatic that Jeremiah has been chosen for such an honor! He is definitely worthy to receive this acknowledgment. This is right up his ally. Thank you so much for sending such an encouraging email. We will be sure to celebrate Jeremiah! Have an awesome day! Ms. Liddy (Homeroom Teacher)

- Ms. Liddy, Educator, Audubon Park Elementary in Orlando, Florida

Thanks again and please tell your actors they are fantastic!!! So full of fun, energy and life. We love them all.

- Mrs. Moore, Parent of Robert, East Hill Elementary School in Canajoharie, New York

I really loved how you guys made it, it was better than what I had imagined. I really loved how you guys put my illustrations and showed my book in the beginning. What I loved the most was the costumes. I liked how you mentioned that I put my bad facts in the book. Thanks a lot for choosing my book to be on TV.

- Byron, Student, Bateman Elementary; Chicago, Illinois

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your rendition of OWL PELLETS (show #426). What an innovative adaptation of what the kids did. It was brilliant to turn what might normally be a boring topic into a game. I can see the kids having lots of fun with a project like that.

I will also show the third grade teachers the Young Author clip from Edgebrook School. I think it is a great example to share with the kids before they begin their Young Author Projects.

By the way, thank the actors for doing such a wonderful job!

- Marlene Levin, Literacy Coach, Swift School

“Dear Green Screen Adventures, I thank you for putting my story on your show. I felt really admired when it came on. I got really excited to see it on TV. Thanks!”

- Shyané, Student, Wentworth Elementary

After viewing Green Screen Adventures on MeTV in Cleveland, Ohio, I simply KNEW I had to involve my students in submitting some of their creative writing…and so, their story was born! They had so much fun collaborating, editing, and revising their story, until they felt it was “just right” for television!

- Cathy Fischer, Gifted Intervention Specialist, WIlcox Elementary School, North Ridgeville, OH