We did see the episode. We taped it and have watched it several times. My son loved it and was so very proud.

- Jennifer, School Social Worker, Chicago

“We all watched the entire show; we all loved it. We are very proud of Jenesse for her work. And are thankful for all the work that your company does for our children. Thank you once again.”

- Liz, Parent of Jenesse, Peabody Elementary

Thank You. Yartiza loved it. We saw it online and I think her taecher showed it to the class.
She has been very inspired and has been doing all her work and was recently student of the month.
She loved the story. She loved the effect of the lights and that it was done in a funny way and she loved that her pictures were in it. Thank you again.

- Parents of Yaritza, De Diego Community Academy, Chicago, Illinois

Seeing my poem come to life on the GREEN SCREEN is a “rumbler!” I just love the characters. They are very cute and cool. Tomato and Spaghetti were off the menu!!! They were cook-N!!! I feel like writing more about them. Give the waiter a BIG tip too.

My teachers, principal, magnet coordinator, and my classmates thought it all was scrumptious. THANKS TO THE GSA TEAM FOR EVERYTHING.

- Xonzy, Fifth grade student, Houston, TX

Thank you! Thank you! We are so excited for Jane! Her school is also very excited for her and will be watching!

- Julie, Parent of Jane, Holmes Elementary in Oak Park, Illinois

We already shared it with our friends and relatives in Bulgaria and ALL over the world! They will show the story in the school for everybody to watch. Thank you again and good luck with all you do to make words come alive!

- Angela, Parent of Tina, Skokie, Illinois

“Dr. Petersen, Carrie and I “Rebecca” want to say that your video of “Scarecrow Leaf Magic” by Amanda was truly amazing. We all know Amanda personally and adore her. Her gifts of art and happiness are true inspirations to all of us. We adore and cherish her. Thank you for sharing her story with others.”

- Rebecca, Viewer, Telford, Tennessee

Thanks so much, Ms. O’Neill!

I can’t wait to show Kate the pictures! I’ll definitely send a press release to our local newspaper, the Abilene Reporter News. (They sponsor our regional Scripps bee, and Kate had some contact with them after her fourth-place finish last year.)

It was very kind of you to send this message before the holiday. I’ll forward your message to Kate’s grandparents so that we can all look at the pictures together tomorrow!

I hope you and yours have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.


- John, Parent of Kate, Abilene, Texas

Last night was a magical evening for my entire family. We practically flew home on our respective clouds of happiness. Thank you for doing what you do and for celebrating the children and their unique visions.

- Mickie, Parent of Sam, CPS

Thank you so much for accepting my story. I thought that you got like a hundred of those a day so I would have never thought you would have even looked at it, so Thank you so so so so so so so so much. <3

- Brianna, Student Author, Viewer