“Teachers have said that it is a wonderful opportunity for students to have their work showcased. We are delighted that writing is given such prominence – the television is a terrific vehicle. Students are taking more pride in their writing and want to produce more writing… poetry, narrative, etc.”

- Donna Soukup, Lead Literacy Teacher, Abbott Elementary, Chicago Public Schools

I thought you guys did a four star job. I especially loved the comic writing that transitioned some of Ian’s abrupt plot changes. The extra dialog that was written is extremely funny without changing the theme of the original story. The acting was very funny with great comic timing, keeping kids and adults entertained. I also enjoyed the observations on the book’s artwork. I also liked how the characters reading the book became characters in the story. I appreciated some of the small details like how the family picture in the book was framed in the bunnies’ home. Overall I thought it was an excellent interpretation of “The Bunny who could Not Hop”.

Ian was quite overwhelmed; he had to leave the room a couple times during his first viewing, which is what he does when he is extremely excited about something. I can give you a better comment from him after he digests it more. He has been quite excited ever since his class viewed the production stills in class. The idea that his story was being turned into a movie has generated much inspiration for him to write more. It has also generated inspiration in his classmates, many of them are writing stories now. The concept of turning kids’ writing into movies is an excellent one.

Keep up the great work.

- John, Parent of Ian, Gray Elementary; Chicago, Illinois

“Thank you for making my book into a TV show. I liked the way you held my book at the beginning and talked about different ways I illustrated my book. Seeing and listening to my story was cool. I shared it with my cousins (I talked about them in my about the author page). You read that I liked hanging out with my cousins and they were there with me when I watched it on the computer! They laughed.

Thank you for making my book.”

- Samantha, Second Grade Student, Kellogg Elementary

I like the show and I think it is a good idea to let the kids write stuff on the computer and send it in to you. That is very good and I have seen the show today about the littering and that was a very good story.

- Hailey, Student, Viewer

Abigail is so proud and has told everyone that she knows that her book is on TV. Keep up the great work and our school is plugging it on their website!!

- Anna, Parent of Abigail, De Diego Community Academy

When I saw my story on TV, I was excited! My story was announced at school and my class got to watch it in computer class. Everyone wanted to watch it over and over again! I really liked the part where the bricks went KABOOM on the wolf! I will continue to watch the show!

- Isabella, Young author, Hawaii

“Teachers and students are very excited about being featured on this show. Students keep asking me when their piece will be aired. This has offered our students an opportunity to showcase their writing and motivated other students to write.”

- Wanda Reyes, Lead Literacy Teacher, Cooper Dual Language Academy, Chicago Public Schools

Hi guys, the whole family as well as all our friends, neighbors, church and associates just watched and loved “Living Life with Toddler Twins.” Can I tell how khloe and the twins (Jurni & Jumir) were glued to the t.v? They were so excited! Khloe felt on top of the world not only did her book win 1st place but now it has come to life for everyone to see! We loved, loved, loved it! Thanks a million! You guys did a great job, keep doing what your doing. Wow what a confidence boost for the kids and great motivation.
Love, Khloe and Family.

- Parents of Khloe, Medgar Evers Elementary, Chicago, Illinois

“Dear G.S.A, I loved seeing my story on T.V. My favorite part was when they showed my illustrations. My friend wants to have one of her stories on T.V. too. Thank you for such a great job! You are all great actors.


- Mimi, Third Grade Student, Prussing Elementary

Good morning. My name is Kim. I just wanted to come on and say my kids and I like watching your show. We watch it every Saturday morning at 10am here in Michigan. My daughter who is 15 likes the creative side since she is in drama and she wants to go further in it. My son likes it because it makes him laugh, as it does with me. I think it is great how you do it all. We love what you all do. Thank you all for making us laugh.

- Kim, Mother, Michigan