Dear Katy,

Thank you so much for contacting us! Rose is very excited to have had her story picked and is already planning another submission.

I contacted a friend of mine who reports for our local newspaper to see if she would be interested in writing a story about your program and what Rose has had an opportunity to do.

I do thank you for the opportunity you have given Rose to do something she can truly be proud of.

- Joanna, Parent of Rose, Spearfish, SD

Thank you so much! This is wonderful news! He will be so excited!

- Mrs. Moore, Parent or Robert, East Hill Elementary in Canajoharie, New York

Grace states, “I LIKE GREEN SCREEN ADVENTURES!” Grace is very proud of her story and we are proud of Grace.

- David & Tracy, Parents of Grace, Elmwood Park, Illinois

“He and I both watched and loved it. It was very exciting to see his name and our school on TV. He liked the skit of his poem and said he is now more excited than ever to see his “interview” with his principal. We are all very excited and very proud of him! Thank you so much for everything you are doing for Jamarrian and for Crown Academy!”

- Jessica Nelson, Teacher, Crown Academy

This is great news! Thanks for sharing! Way to go, Alex. We are proud of you!!

- Don Mrozik, Educator, Sipley Elementary in Woodridge, Illinois

I was really happy for Leonel. He really needed something like this to boost his self-esteem.

- Deborah, Teacher, CPS

Thank you, we will not miss it. Nikeya is very excited!!!

- Ralphella, Parent of Nikeya, Beethoven Elementary in Chicago, Illinois

Thank you. Yaritza loved it. We saw it online and I think her teacher showed it to the class. She has been very inspired and has been doing all her work and was recently student of the month. She loved the effect of the lights and that it was done in a funny way and she loved that her pictures were in it.

- David, Parent of Yaritza, De Diego Community Academy

“Hello this is Nisalia. I heard about my story and I really would love to know more about it and how it would be airing on TV. I would also like to inform you that I am so happy and excited and that I love the Green Screen Adventures and I would love to thank you for everything and I am just very excited to be able to see my story actually be on TV.”

- Nisalia, Student, Eberhart Elementary

Sophia, Congratulations on this awesome achievement. Hats off to you. I look forward to hearing about more great things in your future.

Mrs. McGreevy

- Mrs. McGreevy, Educator, Burroughs Community School in Minneapolis, Minnesota