SegmentStory Theatre
Fantasy Mystery

The Monster Under the Sink

When a boy discovers a monster living under his sink, they unexpectedly become friends.

SegmentStory Theatre
Action/Adventure Fantasy

The Fire Extinguisher

Meet a fire extinguisher who gets a confidence boost when he saves the day!

SegmentSpinning Tales
Animals & Objects Fantasy

Dave the Bear and the Dragon

SegmentStory Theatre
Fantasy Folktales & Fairy Tales Science-Fiction

The Cowboy and the Moon

Giddyup for this wild western about a young cowboy who learns quite a bit from his new lunar friend.

SegmentWild Adventure
Action/Adventure Animals & Objects Fantasy

The Sea Trap

Arrrgh, matey!  Step aboard this pirate ship for an adventure on the high-seas!

SegmentSpinning Tales
Animals & Objects Fantasy Folktales & Fairy Tales

The Adventures of the Dragon King

Two knights try to take the Dragon King’s crown.  Do you think they will be able to escape him in this young author’s fantasy tale?