Action/Adventure Science-Fiction

The Space Airplane

An out-of-this-world tale about a boy’s toy airplane that collides with an asteroid.

High Five Honor Roll

Green Screen Adventures presents our High Five Honor Roll! To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month, Green Screen Adventures had students write in and tell us why their teachers deserve recognition. Thanks to all the students who participated, and a high five to these amazing teachers!

Susie Anderson Brodnicki Elementary Justice Illinois
Karla Allmon Chesterton Middle School Chesterton Indiana
Valerie Brink Overholser Elementary Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Melanie Broom Broom Homeschool Pearl Mississippi
Courtney Butler Putnam County Elementary Eatonton Georgia
Amy Cohan Cassell Elementary Chicago Illinois
Agnes DeFonde Perry Lower Intermediate Ellwood City Pennsylvania
Mary Derham ROWVA Jr. High School Altona Illinois
David Dimas Matheson Park Elementary Albuquerque New Mexico
Joseph Fluhr Lehman Intermediate School Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
Jana Gaston Hackler Intermediate School Mountain Home Arizona
Christine Gialamas Hammond Elementary Chicago Illinois
Lynda Goodman Elmwood Elementary Stockton California
Patricia Gorzeman Elmwood Elementary Stockton California
Therése Halscheid H&M Potter Elementary Bayville New Jersey
Darrell Headings Roundy Elementary Columbus Junction Iowa
Ellen Heleski West Elementary Arcadia Florida
Pam Henning Chippewa Valley Montessori School Eau Claire Wisconsin
Catherine Herrmann Elmwood Elementary Stockton California
Kristine Jensen Brodnicki Elementary Justice Illinois
Tara Liddy Audubon Park Elementary Orlando Florida
Beki Linville Audubon Park Elementary Orlando Florida
Carol Lozano El Dorado Elementary Stockton California
Tina Mackey William Paca/Old Post Road School Edgewood Maryland
Katie McAlinden Ashburn Community Academy Chicago Illinois
Kathleen McCormack Goudy Elementary Chicago Illinois
Mike Olian Hawthorne Elementary Elkhart Indiana
Wendy Pantya Cram Elementary Highland California
Nicole Perino Brodnicki Elementary Justice Illinois
Leticia Quiroz Goudy Elementary Chicago Illinois
Ashley Roberson Victory Elementary Portsmouth Virginia
Amy Sanders Huffaker Elementary Reno Nevada
Jon Spencer Woodlawn Elemntary Sebring Florida
Diana Tackett Paxson Elementary Missoula Montana
Jacinna Thomas Audubon Park Elementary Orlando Florida
Wesley West Goudy Elementary Chicago Illinois
Lisa White Brodnicki Elementary Justice Illinois
Jerry Wright Woodlawn Elemntary Sebring Florida
Debbie Young David Leech Elementary Leechburg Pennsylvania
Nonfiction - Reports

This is My Book Report for “Heidi”

Kierra shares this fifth-grade author’s intelligent response to Johanna Spyri’s classic novel, “Heidi.”

Nonfiction - Reports

I Am a Kid

Being a kid isn’t always fun and games. This young author writes about all the joys, insecurities, wonders, and curiosity of childhood in this eloquent poem.

Environment: Go Green

Don’t Be a Litterbug

You won’t believe what happens to this young boy when he litters! Hopefully he’ll “grow” from the experience.


Top 10 Ways to Survive the Fifth Grade – Principal

Our wacky clowns share tips from young author Annelisse on how to make it to sixth grade.


Top 10 Ways to Survive the Fifth Grade – Homework

Our wacky clowns share tips from young author Annelisse on how to make it to sixth grade.


Top 10 Ways to Survive the Fifth Grade – Bullying

Our wacky clowns share tips from young author Annelisse on how to make it to sixth grade.


Newsflash: Kinds of Houses – Igloo

In this breaking news segment, Lea Merriweather reports on the kinds of houses in Leonel’s first-grade young author book.

There Was a Teacher at Jefferson High

Listen to this wonderfully rhyming poem from our seventh-grade author.