SegmentSpinning Tales
Animals & Objects Fantasy Folktales & Fairy Tales

The Adventures of the Dragon King

Two knights try to take the Dragon King’s crown.  Do you think they will be able to escape him in this young author’s fantasy tale?



Rival gnomes argue over which of their colors are better.  Will they eventually be able to find the value in each other?

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects

Bedtime for the Jungle

Lion, Elephant, and Cheetah try to figure out why no one can fall asleep.  Join them to discover what the unexpected reason is!

Egg on the Go

An incredible egg gets runny to avoid becoming breakfast. His adventurous escape will crack you up!

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Folktales & Fairy Tales

The Selfish Lion King’s Feast

Meet a lion who discovers that even the King of the Jungle has an important lesson to learn about friendship

SegmentStory Theatre
Animals & Objects Art Folktales & Fairy Tales Friendship

Emmie the Gingerbread Girl and Friends

A gingerbread girl gets a cast made out of frosting when she visits the doctor.

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects

Pets in the House

Pets can be really great friends, right?  This young author tells us all about the wonderful pets that her family has in their household.

SegmentSpinning Tales
Animals & Objects Folktales & Fairy Tales

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

One young author shares her twist on a classic folk tale.

SegmentHow To: Expository Writing
How To Stories (Expository Writing) Humor

Clown Montage

Laugh as you watch the Green Screen Clowns through all their failures and triumphs. Then write your own “how-to” instructions and submit them to the show!

SegmentJournal Journey
Friendship School

The Four Best Friends

Sometimes friends don’t agree on everything.  This young author’s story shows why it is important to be kind to one another.