Goodbye From Green Screen Adventures

Listen to this important message from Jess, Kierra and Scott, cast members of Green Screen Adventures.  After eight years and more than 400 episodes, we will no longer create new shows, but hope that you will continue to watch and read stories on our website,, and tune in to episodes on MeTV and WCIU.

SegmentWild Adventure
Action/Adventure Animals & Objects

Super Z

Will our striped superhero be able to defeat the evil scientist who’s after his super powers? Find out in this young author’s action-packed story!

SegmentStory Theatre
Fantasy Mystery

The Monster Under the Sink

When a boy discovers a monster living under his sink, they unexpectedly become friends.

SegmentStory Theatre
Animals & Objects Friendship

The Lost Toys

A group of animal friends are on the hunt for their missing toys.  Where do you think they’ll finally find them?

SegmentStory Theatre
Animals & Objects Friendship

The Caring Dragon

Join a dragon and his fish friend as they hang out at Cafe Cabana.  You’ll also meet a skull with a huge personality.

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Friendship School

The Gorilla Who Was Picked On

When a lonely Gorilla sees the new kid at school being picked on, he decides to stand up for him and makes a new friend in the process.

Action/Adventure Animals & Objects Friendship

A Crab Story

How will Pearl and Starfish help out their friend Crab when scary shadows swim nearby?

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Friendship

The Sad Pig

Have you ever read a story that made you feel sad?  Watch as three animal friends read our young author’s story and find out that there might be a happy ending to her story after all.

SegmentStory Theatre
Action/Adventure Science-Fiction

Chase and the Mysterious Planet

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut or travel to outer space?  Hop aboard this spaceship and go along for a ride to a very mysterious planet where you’ll meet a cyclops cow and cyclops bear – all in this young author’s imaginative story.

SegmentStory Theatre
Action/Adventure Fantasy

The Fire Extinguisher

Meet a fire extinguisher who gets a confidence boost when he saves the day!