The Missing Jewels

Will Katey the detective be able to find the missing jewels?  Listen and find out.

The Chase

Salisa the Cat, Chris the Dog, Cha-Cha the Bird, Stripes the Tiger, and Midnight the Panther get roles to perform “The Chase” … Madalyn’s cleverly written play within a story.

My Twin Baby Goats

Hannah describes the day at the farm when their goat Annie give birth to twins.
What a miracle!

The Super Humans

Will the bionic Super Humans be able to save the Earth from the oil spill? Listen to Andrew’s story to find out.

The Pig Who Can’t Sing

In this story, a pig named Shirley learns to believe in himself.  Surely, that is a lesson worth learning.

The Surprise Party for Judy the Skunk

See what special surprise Judy’s friends have in store to celebrate her birthday!

The Three Little Birds

Three little birds have their nests attacked by a big, mean cat.  Which of their homes do you think will be able to survive the feline frenzy?

Super Deer 2: The Comma Thief

Oh, no!  The Comma Thief has threatened to steal all the commas in the world!  Can Super Deer and Super Cow defeat this punctuation plunderer?

Animals & Objects Friendship

Helpful Friends

Animals & Objects Friendship

Lizzie and Spinner