SegmentStory Theatre

The Alien Who Wanted a Pet

Take a journey to another planet and meet an alien who is looking for a pet to be his companion.

SegmentPoet Tree
Animals & Objects Environment: Go Green Poems

Poet Tree: Winter Haiku

Do you like to write poems?  Learn all about the special kind of poetry called haiku!

Animals & Objects

Wild About Hedgehogs

Do you like hedgehogs? Send us your original tale about this furry critter and we might feature it on the Web or act it out on TV!

SegmentWild Adventure
Animals & Objects Friendship School

The Hare and the Horse

Being bullied is not fun at all and can be very difficult to deal with.  This story shows how Hare handles the situation when he is being picked on by a horse.

SegmentRhythm and Writing
Animals & Objects Folktales & Fairy Tales Friendship

The Nerd Word

Join a horse and a rapping dog as their adventure leads them to a royal castle in this young author’s energetic and imaginative story!

Animals & Objects Friendship Humor

The Dog Who Wanted to Climb Trees

Animals & Objects Fantasy

The Fire Extinguisher